Custom Props This page represent a small portion of the body of our work. Clicking on each image will bring up a new window with a larger image of the thumbnail.Close the window before you select the next image to view. We regret that some of the images are not very high quality. They were most likely made from polaroids. We probably see about 25% of the work we do in final form.
Crash Test Dummies

Crash Test Dummies


atlasphere.jpg (2190 bytes)

Steel Bands Sphere

beachhut.jpg (2650 bytes)

Grass Shack

bigapple.jpg (2588 bytes)

Big Apple

blownsanta.jpg (2567 bytes)

Slanted Santa, Tree, and Props

cablewire.jpg (4464 bytes)

Huge Twisted Cable


cellar.jpg (2711 bytes)

Scarey Door and Lock

cherrytree.jpg (3694 bytes)

Custom Cherry Tree

chevctest.jpg (3015 bytes)

Crash Test Dummies

coachrock.jpg (4982 bytes)

Custom Rock and Rig

coke.jpg (3646 bytes)


coachrocks.jpg (3361 bytes)

Custom Rocks and Rig

columns.jpg (2570 bytes)

Columns and Capital

dart.jpg (4705 bytes)

Oversized Dart and Dartboard

flatglobe.jpg (4041 bytes)

Flat Globe and Stand

forbesgeffen.jpg (4974 bytes)

CD Floor

fork.jpg (3913 bytes)

Oversized Dart

fourneck.jpg (3550 bytes)

Four Neck Guitar

friends.jpg (4819 bytes)

Flying Rig

golldie.jpg (3014 bytes)

Custom Rocket and Rig

gongshow.jpg (2363 bytes)

Custom Gongs

goose.jpg (2353 bytes)

Custom Goose

icecream.jpg (2110 bytes)

13 Scoop Ice Cream Cone

jackbstalk.jpg (2716 bytes)

Jack's Beanstalk

kodakpuppett.jpg (2417 bytes)

Playroom and Props

lexusctest.jpg (2378 bytes)

Crash Test Dummy Tango

lifepreservers.jpg (2285 bytes)

Model Shipside and Product

medals.jpg (2775 bytes)

Cigarette as Medal

monkey.jpg (2331 bytes)

Reproduction of 17th Century Baptiste Painting

parachutes.jpg (1282 bytes)

Parachuting Cigarette Boxes

peacepipe.jpg (2359 bytes)

Peace Pipe Prop and Fire

picasso.jpg (2287 bytes)

Picasso Reproduction

pforty.jpg (1914 bytes)

P40 Model

pocketwatch.jpg (4490 bytes)

Oversized Pocketwatch

redball.jpg (1494 bytes)


rainier.jpg (3199 bytes)

Mountain Prop

roses.jpg (2391 bytes)

Huge Bunch of Flowers

remote.jpg (2980 bytes)

Oversized Remote Control


whiteball.jpg (2258 bytes)



sacredpools.jpg (2249 bytes)

Pool and Vegetation Set

shapes.jpg (1820 bytes)

Large Shapes

skiing.jpg (5705 bytes)

Twisted Legs and Rig

snowdome.jpg (1772 bytes)

Life Size Snow Dome

stairs.jpg (3209 bytes)


snowdomes.jpg (3249 bytes)

Life Size Snow Domes

stallone.jpg (4011 bytes)

Hanging Rig


steelbeams.jpg (3536 bytes)

Riveted Cross Beams

swing.jpg (2872 bytes)

White Swing and Rig

tent.jpg (3058 bytes)

Pavillion Tent

texas.jpg (4278 bytes)

Texas Shaped Lens

throne.jpg (2519 bytes)

Child Sized Throne

travelife.jpg (3428 bytes)

White Futuristic Props

treasurechest.jpg (4266 bytes)

Treasure Chest

universalfire.jpg (5098 bytes)

Exploding Set

vjs.jpg (5238 bytes)

Oversized Videotape


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